25 March 2023​
National University of Singapore​
Risks and Challenges for Real Estate in the Tokenisation Era
Hosted by: NUS & Mr. Joel (CitaDAO)​

During a recent discussion with students at the National University of Singapore, Joel from CitaDAO shared some insights on various aspects of asset tokenisation. The conversation revolved around the risks and challenges associated with asset tokenisation and the key differences between crypto-assets and traditional assets.

Joel from CitaDAO revolved around the risks and challenges associated with asset tokenisation and the key differences between crypto-assets and traditional assets.

Regarding the differences between crypto-assets and traditional assets, Joel highlighted the inherent advantages of crypto-assets, such as transparency, immutability, and interoperability. He also noted that traditional assets lack the liquidity and accessibility that crypto-assets provide.

While tokenizing real estate assets can provide numerous benefits, it also comes with its fair share of risks. Joel noted that some of the challenges include regulatory uncertainty, security concerns, and the need for effective governance models. However, he also explained that by building a strong community and fostering transparency, these challenges can be mitigated.

Joel shares highlights of Crypto-Assets vs. Traditional Assets.

The traditional assets have been around for centuries, they lack the transparency and efficiency that crypto-assets can offer. With tokenised real estate, for example, investors can easily access information about a property's ownership history, rental income, and more, all on the blockchain. Additionally, tokenised assets offer increased liquidity and lower transaction costs, making them a more attractive opportunities.

Professor ONG Seow Eng displaying keen attention and academic curiosity during Joel's informative presentation on real estate tokenisation.

One interesting point of tokenised real estate compared to traditional real estate is that it offers greater liquidity and accessibility. Traditional real estate if often illiquid and requires significant capital to invest in, while tokenised real estate allows for fractional ownership and easier trading on decentralised platforms. Additionally, tokenised real estate offers greater transparency, which can help reduce fraud and improve trust between parties involved in real estate transactions.

CitaDAO is bringing new knowledge bases to share with everyone.

By educating the next generation of real estate professionals and investors about the potential benefits and challenges of asset tokenisation, CitaDAO hopes to shape the future of the real estate industry. This will require collaboration and an open-minded approach to innovation, which Joel believes is key to building a successful tokenised real estate ecosystem.

CitaoDao brings the opportunity to acess real estate for everyone.

In conclusion, CitaDAO is an exciting platform that has the potential to revolutionize the real estate industry. By addressing the risks and challenges associated with asset tokenisation, highlighting the benefits of crypto-assets compared to traditional assets, and bringing traditional real estate to a new level, CitaDAO is leading the way in tokenised real estate. With a commitment to education and collaboration, CitaDAO is well-positioned to shape the future of real estate for years to come.

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  • Engagement with Visionaries: Guests had the privilege of interacting with the visionaries behind the tokenization of 18 Sin Ming Lane. These pioneers in blockchain technology for real estate shared their insights and experiences, inspiring others to embark on this transformative journey.
  • Unveiling CitaDAO: Amidst an atmosphere of elegance, CitaDAO, our groundbreaking blockchain-based platform, took center stage. Guests received an exclusive look into the platform's advanced features, including real estate asset tokenization and the potential of decentralized decision-making.
  • Networking at its Finest: The evening provided ample opportunities for networking, allowing guests to connect with industry leaders, peers, and financial professionals. Valuable connections and potential collaborations were fostered. Moreover, it was a unique occasion for the esteemed 18SML0711 token holders to gather and engage in meaningful discussions with the CitaDAO team. They had the exclusive opportunity to provide valuable feedback on their experiences, discuss the future of real estate tokenization, and suggest innovative ideas for CitaDAO to enhance and implement. This intimate setting allowed them to share their desires and insights regarding upcoming Introducing Real Estate On-chain (IROs), contributing directly to the platform's evolution.

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  1. Foundations of Real Estate Tokenisation: A profound dive into the core principles of real estate tokenisation, elucidating its manifold advantages.
  2. Traversing the Risky Terrains: A critical segment that drew attention to the multifaceted risks associated with real estate tokenisation. Attendees were briefed on liquidity risks, counterparty risks, infrastructural challenges, and the intricate maze of regulatory hurdles.
  3. The Imperative of Detokenisation: In a bold stance, the gathering was urged to tread cautiously around any tokenisation initiative lacking a detokenisation avenue, emphasizing the underlying risks.
Joel engages in a detailed conversation about GRET, delving into its business implications.
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