15 August, 2023
Singapore Management University
Liquid real estate: transforming real estate through innovation
Hosted by: SMU blockchain club

On August 15, 2023, the Singapore Management University (SMU) played host to an event that left attendees with a profound understanding of the future of real estate. "Liquid Real Estate," presented by CitaDAO in collaboration with SMU Blockchain Club, was an evening of enlightenment, networking, and groundbreaking insights.

The event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to delve into the world of real estate tokenization and decentralized finance (DeFi), with Joel Lin, a core contributor at CitaDAO, leading the way. From the moment attendees walked through the doors of SMU, they were greeted with an atmosphere buzzing with anticipation.

Joel Lin's Insightful Presentation

Joel Lin, a leading figure in CitaDAO, took center stage to share his expertise on real estate tokenization. His presentation was not just a talk; it was an immersive journey into the heart of CitaDAO's vision and the transformative potential of detokenization.

With an engaging speaking style and a deep understanding of the subject matter, Joel Lin captivated the audience from the very beginning. He began by explaining the significance of detokenization, a concept that sits at the core of CitaDAO's mission. Detokenization, as Joel emphasized, is about bringing real-world assets, specifically real estate, onto the blockchain, making them accessible aOn August 15, 2023, Singapore Management University (SMU) Blockchain Club, in collaboration with CitaDAO, hosted an event titled "Liquid Real Estate." The event featured Joel Lin, a core contributor at CitaDAO, who took the audience on an enlightening journey into the realm of property tokenization. This event was all about simplifying complex concepts, uncovering potential risks, and gaining a deeper understanding of tokenization and CitaDAO's business framework.

Joel Lin, with his expertise and insights, provided an in-depth look at the potential risks associated with property tokenization. It was like shining a spotlight on potential obstacles that can be encountered on the path to successful tokenization. Understanding these challenges is a crucial step toward making informed decisions.

Tokenization, though complex in appearance, was made approachable and understandable. Think of it as breaking down a complex puzzle into manageable pieces. The audience left with a clear understanding of how tokenization functions and why it holds significance in today's real estate landscape.

Joel Lin also delved into CitaDAO's business framework, offering insights into how the organization operates within the world of tokenized real estate. It was like giving the audience a roadmap to understand CitaDAO's role and contributions in this dynamic field.

The Enthusiastic Participation of SMU Professors and Students

What truly made this event remarkable was the enthusiastic participation of SMU professors and students. They were eager to participate, actively raising questions, and engaging in discussions. Their curiosity and thirst for knowledge created an engaging and dynamic atmosphere. The interaction between the audience and Joel Lin added depth and richness to the event, making it a truly collaborative learning experience.

A Day of Learning and Insights

In summary, the "Liquid Real Estate" event was a day of learning, insight, and professional camaraderie. Despite the complexity of the topic, the event aimed to make it accessible to everyone. It was about breaking down barriers, simplifying concepts, and building a stronger understanding of real estate tokenization.

As we move forward, the lessons learned from events like these pave the way for a brighter future. Here's to more shared knowledge, deeper understanding, and a world where tokenized real estate becomes a reality.

Stay tuned for more updates from CitaDAO as we continue to shape the future of real estate, one token at a time, and extend our gratitude to SMU Blockchain Club for their invaluable collaboration in making this event a success.

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Introduction to CitaDAO's Business Framework

As Joel Lin continued, he delved into CitaDAO's business framework. Attendees gained insights into how CitaDAO is addressing the challenges that have long plagued the real estate industry, such as illiquidity and inaccessibility.

CitaDAO's innovative approach was showcased, highlighting how it leverages blockchain technology to tokenize real estate properties, thereby making them more liquid and accessible to a broader range of users. Joel provided real-world examples of successful projects undertaken by CitaDAO, demonstrating the platform's potential to reshape the way we think about real estate.

Exploring the Event Atmosphere

In the midst of the enlightening presentations, the event cultivated an atmosphere that encouraged lively interactions and collaborations. The audience, primarily consisting of students and professors from Singapore Management University (SMU), brought their enthusiasm and curiosity to the event. Among them were aspiring blockchain professionals, eager learners, and educators keen on exploring the convergence of real estate and DeFi.

This gathering had not only enriched their understanding but also ignited their passion for the future of real estate and blockchain, ensuring that the seeds of innovation sown at Liquid Real Estate event would continue to flourish within this academic community.


"CitaDAO's Liquid Real Estate" event at SMU was a resounding success, leaving attendees with a clear understanding of the transformative potential of real estate tokenization and decentralized finance. Joel Lin's insightful presentation and the interactive discussions that followed provided a comprehensive look at CitaDAO's mission to revolutionize the real estate landscape.

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  • Engagement with Visionaries: Guests had the privilege of interacting with the visionaries behind the tokenization of 18 Sin Ming Lane. These pioneers in blockchain technology for real estate shared their insights and experiences, inspiring others to embark on this transformative journey.
  • Unveiling CitaDAO: Amidst an atmosphere of elegance, CitaDAO, our groundbreaking blockchain-based platform, took center stage. Guests received an exclusive look into the platform's advanced features, including real estate asset tokenization and the potential of decentralized decision-making.
  • Networking at its Finest: The evening provided ample opportunities for networking, allowing guests to connect with industry leaders, peers, and financial professionals. Valuable connections and potential collaborations were fostered. Moreover, it was a unique occasion for the esteemed 18SML0711 token holders to gather and engage in meaningful discussions with the CitaDAO team. They had the exclusive opportunity to provide valuable feedback on their experiences, discuss the future of real estate tokenization, and suggest innovative ideas for CitaDAO to enhance and implement. This intimate setting allowed them to share their desires and insights regarding upcoming Introducing Real Estate On-chain (IROs), contributing directly to the platform's evolution.

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  1. Foundations of Real Estate Tokenisation: A profound dive into the core principles of real estate tokenisation, elucidating its manifold advantages.
  2. Traversing the Risky Terrains: A critical segment that drew attention to the multifaceted risks associated with real estate tokenisation. Attendees were briefed on liquidity risks, counterparty risks, infrastructural challenges, and the intricate maze of regulatory hurdles.
  3. The Imperative of Detokenisation: In a bold stance, the gathering was urged to tread cautiously around any tokenisation initiative lacking a detokenisation avenue, emphasizing the underlying risks.
Joel engages in a detailed conversation about GRET, delving into its business implications.
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